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The Importance of Mini Adventures

I recently realized something that has changed my outlook on life.

You can watch other people's lives unfold through the lens of social media. You can watch them go on these grand adventures - the ones that are flashy, adrenaline rushing, culture rich and have picturesque landscapes. You can look at these adventures and think that you're not living life to the fullest until you embark on these epic travels. But that is far from the truth. The best way to live life to the fullest is to find the mini adventures in your back door. The ones that get you out into nature and away from the noise of each day. The ones that cost little to nothing and allow you to reflect, pause, and be humbled.

I have set a goal for myself to go on at least one mini adventure a week. Whether I explore a new walking trail, hike a different mountain, sunset picnic at the beach, or just find a local coffee shop gem. For so long I was scared to do anything on my own - XC ski, sunrise hike, weekend away. It can be intimidating to venture on your own. I don't want to let that stop me from doing things I've always wanted to do. I want to step outside of my comfort zone and start checking things off my list. With Fin by my side, I'm ready to take on anything.

This year is about being selfish and trying new things. This is your sign to do the same. Go out and start living for the mini adventures.

Go have your happie adventure!


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